Hiring the Right Stove Installer

Finding the appropriate installer is an important step when embarking on any hearth project. You want the job done right, completed on time and done in a safe manner.

Finding a Local Dealer

Choose someone who specializes in fireplace and stove installation. You’d like peace of mind that the installer is experienced with hearth products that involve flames, heat and proper venting. Your hearth dealer is the best resource for providing the expertise you need.

You can find a local Vermont Castings, Harman or Quadra-Fire dealer in your area using our dealer locator tool.

An image of a Harman P42i-TC Pellet Insert

Tips for Working with a Local Dealer

  • Provide them with guidelines for working in your home. This includes what times of day they can arrive and depart, where they should park vehicles, etc.
  • Have a contract in place before the work begins.
  • Ensure the installer is NFI certified. The National Fireplace Institute (NFI) tests and certifies planners and installers to ensure they can properly plan and install hearth products. NFI Certified Installers have fundamental knowledge in combustion, heat protection, safety guidelines, and construction fundamentals. Certification is regarded as an excellent indication of professional training and commitment.

Next Steps

There you have it! Working with a qualified installer such as one of our certified local Forge & Flame dealers ensures your hearth project is high quality, safe and timely. Our Forge & Flame dealers are eager to transform your home's heat. To learn more about your heating needs, please visit your local dealer

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