Burn Smarter with a Pellet Fireplace Insert

Do you love your wood-burning fireplace? Unfortunately, it may not love you back. It's easy to love the ambiance and the comforting, crackling sound of burning wood, but if it's a masonry-built, "open" wood-burning fireplace, it may produce inefficient heat.

To make matters worse, when traditional fireplaces burn, cold air is drawn into your home through doors and windows, counteracting the effort to warm your home. Additionally, the maintenance required for traditional wood-burning fireplaces is complicated.

Luckily, a simple fix can transform your fireplace into a heating powerhouse—you’ll feel more heat and your bank account will thank you. Read on as we share the details about pellet inserts.

The Fix: A Pellet Fireplace Insert 

A pellet insert is a firebox that fits inside an existing fireplace. The firebox is placed inside the fireplace opening and finished with a decorative surround to create a timeless look.

A pellet insert transforms existing wood fireplaces into attractive and efficient heat producers. As the name suggests, the inserts fit directly into your existing fireplace and can enhance your burning experience.

1. Continuous Heat

Pellet inserts will continue to keep your set temperature as long as there are pellets in the hopper. Most hoppers hold enough fuel for at least a day of heating, so you only have to refuel once a day, depending on how warm you have your temperature set.

2. Low Air Pollution  

Pellet fireplace inserts produce minimal pollutants in comparison to open wood fireplaces which use the available oxygen as part of the reaction to start a fire and produce heat. They use incomplete combustion, resulting in an ineffective burn and sometimes even black smoke. (Black smoke contains many particulates and results from other gasses produced during the burn process.)

These gases and particulates are significant contributors to air pollution. But a pellet insert avoids this. In fact, it has minimal air pollution; it keeps your family healthy AND helps the environment.

3. An Easy Way to Update a Room 

Replacing your wood-burning fireplace with a pellet insert can transform your home’s aesthetic without remodeling. With a pellet insert, you can add the warmth and comfort of an efficient fireplace while adding a visually attractive fire feature to your home.

Designed to fit within an existing fireplace opening, a pellet insert can be installed in a few hours, turning your dirty, inefficient fireplace into a beautiful heating experience the whole family will enjoy.

4. Affordability

While the cost of a new pellet insert will bring you new warmth, it will also save you money on heating, especially if you currently heat with oil, electric, or gas. Even more savings come your way if you choose a pellet insert, like the Accentra52i-TC , which qualifies for the Federal Tax credit, giving you 26% off in 2022 and 30% back in 2023 through 2032.

Learn more about the Biomass Stove Federal Tax Credit.

Now is the Time to Get a Pellet Fireplace Insert

Whether it’s consistent heat, low air pollution, affordability, or design appeal, pellet fireplace inserts are a great choice. If you’re ready to update your fireplace or install a new one in your home, we can help. Meet with a Harman Dealer to learn about your options for upgrading to a pellet insert.

Why Choose a Fireplace Insert? 
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