Vermont Castings Stoves: Wood And Gas

Vermont Castings Stoves — A Tradition of Pride

Discover Forge & Flame’s exquisite collection of wood stoves, each offering a tailored experience to suit your specific heating needs. If you seek a timeless, large wood stove that harmonizes American craftsmanship with exceptional heat output, look no further than the Vermont Castings Defiant. Living up to its name, this fan favorite is built to "defy the wintery blast" and guarantees an enduring performance.

For cozier spaces, the Vermont Castings Intrepid wood-burning stove shares the same meticulously crafted design elements. Despite its smaller stature, it radiates a comforting glow, making it perfect for intimate settings. Don't be fooled by its size, as the Vermont Castings Intrepid exemplifies the renowned warmth and efficiency that the Vermont Castings legacy is celebrated for.

Looking for modern lines to frame your rustic embers? Quadra-Fire's Discovery Series pair contemporary design and technologies with a clear, mesmerizing view of the rolling fire. Enjoy the warmth and efficiency of a Quadra-Fire wood stove with its signature Automatic Combustion Control, a premium technology that extends the burn time of each log of wood to achieve optimal efficiency using a fraction of fuel.

Which Vermont Castings Stove is Right for Your Space?

Choosing the right Vermont Castings stove for your space is easy with a few simple guidelines. Understanding the amount of effort and maintenance you’d prefer is a crucial consideration. Wood-burning stoves, like the iconic Defiant and Encore, offer the classic aroma and crackle of a real wood fire, but require the labor of splitting and loading wood and emptying ash. 

The Radiance, Stardance and Intrepid offer the convenience and ease of gas but require the installation of a gas line if you don’t already have one.

Determining the size stove you need is a simple calculation of the area you would like to heat and a quick look at the room size reference on our product pages. From there you can select the color and optional accessories that suit your home’s style and your personal taste.

All Vermont Castings stoves undergo the same rigorous engineering and quality standards so whether you opt for a wood-burning model or a gas option, you’ll benefit from the durability and tradition of cast-iron as well as a range of options and standard features. 

Browse all your choices here and contact a Vermont Castings dealer near you when you are ready to make your purchase or to answer any questions you may have.

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