Vermont Castings Stoves and Fireplace Inserts

Vermont Castings — A History of Craftsmanship

Vermont Castings has been an iconic leader in hearth products since 1975. The brand began with a single wood stove built to respond to the need for an affordable heating product not reliant on oil or gas. From there, Vermont Castings grew to offer a line of wood stoves and inserts, and eventually gas products as well. Known for their Federalist style and durable cast-iron, the Vermont Castings family of products remains one of the most popular and well-known hearth options available today. Bridging beauty and utility with timeless designs and American craftsmanship, Vermont Castings established a dedicated following that remains loyal nearly 50 years later.

Which Vermont Castings Product is Right for You

Vermont Castings offers a broad range of wood and gas stoves and wood inserts from which to choose. With so many options and styles, though, the decision may be a difficult one. Some questions to consider when making your heating solution decision: Would you prefer to heat with renewable wood, or would you relish the convenience of gas? Wood fuel provides the classic sounds and smells that add charm and a sensory element to your hearth experience. Gas is convenient, low maintenance and simple to use.

Do you have an existing fireplace you’d like to update? If so, an insert may be a great option for you! If not, opt for a freestanding stove. What size space are you planning to heat? Our stoves and inserts come in different sizes and heating capacities to accommodate variations in heating needs. Browse all options here and contact your nearest Vermont Castings dealer for assistance and to see the products in person.

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