Harman Pellet Stoves and Pellet Fireplace Inserts

Upgrade your home's heating with Harman Stoves' selection of premium pellet stoves and fireplaces. Enjoy warmth, comfort, and energy efficiency.

Iconic Harman Pellet Products Built to a Standard, Not a Price

In 1978, Dane and Gloria Harman struggled to make ends meet because of high electric heating costs, so Dane used his welding and design skills to make his first wood stove. A year later, Harman Stoves was established in a small building beside their home.
Since then, Harman has designed multiple patents and won several awards for their innovative technology and quality stoves. The patented PelletPro System and burn pot propelled Harman to the forefront of pellet technology, and today remains unmatched.
Located in Halifax, Pennsylvania, Harman remains dedicated to engineering excellence and uncompromising quality — the same standards on which the company was founded over forty years ago.
True heating powerhouses, Harman products are hearth solutions built to withstand the test of time with reliable warmth and aesthetic elegance. Each and every product is premised on optimal performance and engineering excellence. We pride ourselves on beautiful design, precise temperature control and minimal maintenance, so every Harman stove is both a functional appliance and a design centerpiece in any space. Our technologies are industry exclusives and our engineers design each component to an immaculate fit, feel and finish worthy of their premium status.

Choosing the Right Hearth Product for Your Home

At Harman, we understand the diverse needs of homeowners, which is why we proudly offer both pellet stoves and fireplace inserts.

Convert your existing fireplace into an efficient heating source with a Harman pellet fireplace insert. Fitting seamlessly into your old fireplace, a Harman pellet fireplace insert revitalizes the space with warmth, ambiance and energy efficiency.

For those in search of a freestanding heater, Harman pellet stoves are the perfect solution. These stand alone units provide flexibility, allowing you to heat your favorite spaces with ease.

Whether you prefer the classic charm of cast iron or the sleek durability of steel, we have a range of options to match your style and preference. When you choose a pellet fireplace insert or stove from Harman, you can trust that you're investing in a product borne of engineering excellence and innovation. Our pellet heating solutions are designed with efficiency and performance in mind, offering intuitive controls and advanced features to enhance your heating experience. Part of our signature style is flame-reactive mirrored glass that vanishes when the unit is turned on to show the dancing flames. Whether you are transforming your existing fireplace or seeking a versatile standalone unit, our products deliver the perfect blend of functionality and style. Explore our collection today and discover the ideal pellet heating solution for your home.

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