Wood-Burning Stoves with Cooktops

Heat your home and elevate your cooking with Forge & Flame's wood-burning cooking stoves. Explore traditional stoves with cooktops.

Embrace the Charm of Wood Cook Stoves

Forge & Flame invites you into a world where heating your home is as efficient as it is productive. Our wood-burning cook stoves salute the days of cooking with heat from a real fire, bringing a piece of history into the modern kitchen. This is the essence of home living with Forge & Flame: a perfect harmony of old-world charm and modern functionality.

Versatile Wood Burning Stoves with Cooktops and Efficient Heating

At Forge & Flame, we understand that every home has its own character. With a wood-burning cook stove, you can access heat, regardless of the weather or access to power and electric energy. We have designed our wood stoves to meet diverse needs and tastes. Whether your space is cozy or expansive, we offer stoves that fit perfectly and make cooking a delight. Our wood stoves with cooktops provide the comforting warmth of wood heating and the practicality of a versatile cooktop.

Opting for our wood-burning stoves means embracing efficiency, tradition, and the joy of cooking with an open flame. They are ideal for those who value a sustainable lifestyle and the authentic taste of wood-fired cooking.

Sustainable Cooking & Heating

Choosing a Forge & Flame stove is a step towards a more sustainable way of living. Our small cookstoves are designed for efficiency, ensuring less wood provides more heat. Our stoves are crafted from durable materials like cast iron and stainless steel, promising longevity and performance. Installing one of our stoves in your home allows you to opt for an environmentally conscious cooking and heating solution that doesn't compromise quality or warmth.

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