Ever feel left out in the cold in the battle against high heating costs?

Let the experts at Forge & Flame show you how you can save money and be kind to the environment with biomass fuels.

Why Forge & Flame?

With so many stove manufacturers out there, what sets us apart? Like you, we’re passionate about enjoying the benefits of a fire without the fuss. Our trusted brands offer innovative and effective alternative-heating sources that’ll keep your house feeling like a home.

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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Zero-waste foundry. 100% recycled raw material. We’re serious about respecting earth’s limited resources and making high quality stoves as sustainable as possible.

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Federal Tax Credits Available

Now through December 31, 2032, taxpayers who install qualifying wood or pellet stoves can receive a 30% tax credit up to $2,000 annually, based on the full cost (purchase and installation) of the unit.

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