Quadra-Fire Stoves: Wood and Pellet

Quadra-Fire Stoves — Rugged, Dependable, Efficient

Quadra-Fire freestanding stoves are known for dependable, efficient heat no matter the fuel type. Available in wood or pellet burning models, all Quadra-Fire stoves are made for pure performance and engineered with the most innovative technology available in hearth products today. You’ll find a wide selection of styles and sizes to accommodate nearly any space. With a rustic look and durable construction, these stoves are why stove experts say, “Nothing burns like a Quad.”

Exploring Quadra-Fire Stoves

Welcome to the essence of warmth and efficiency with Quadra-Fire Stoves — where every model is a testament to rugged dependability and performance. At Quadra-Fire, we understand the value of reliable heat and the importance of efficient, clean-burning technology. That's why our stoves, whether wood or pellet, are designed for unparalleled performance, engineered with the most innovative technology available in today's hearth products market.

Our stoves are more than just heating appliances; they're a blend of tradition and innovation crafted to warm your home with style and unmatched efficiency. From the Trekker’s smart, energy-efficient solutions to the simplicity of the Millennium, Quadra-Fire offers a stove for every décor and need. 

For smaller spaces, the Outfitter Ioffers compact, powerful heating, while the Discovery III is perfect for those seeking dependable warmth is large spaces. The 5700 Step-Top, known for its performance and flame-viewing beauty, exemplifies our commitment to quality, providing a cozy, inviting atmosphere in any home setting​​​​.

Sustainable Warmth, Enduring Value

Embrace the future of heating with Quadra-Fire, where innovation meets sustainability. Benefit from significant savings with a 30% federal tax credit, along with additional state rebates or credits, underscoring the economic and ecological benefits of choosing biomass stoves. With nearly half a century of innovation, Quadra-Fire's patented Four-Point Burn System extracts the most heat from your fuel– lowering fuel consumption, heat costs and emissions. 

Selecting Your Perfect Quadra-Fire Stove

If you believe that nothing compares to the comforting crackle and warm aroma of a true wood-burning fire, than a Quadra-Fire wood stove is for you. Whether in a flat-top or step-top model, with a pedestal base or legs, our wood heating stoves are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles and specifications. No matter if your home is a castle or a cabin, a Quadra-Fire wood-burning stove provides an alluring glow and unbeatable comfort.

Looking for efficiency and versatility? 

Consider a Quadra-Fire pellet burning stove. Perfect for providing a flexible heating solution by burning wood pellets, Quadra-Fire pellet stoves come in a broad choice of sizes, heating capacities and price ranges. You can opt for steel or cast iron, pedestal base or legs and even a unique “bay” style to get a three-sided view of the fire. Visit your local Quadra-Fire dealer to explore the possibilities​​. 

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