Small Wood Stoves, Gas Stoves, and Pellet Stoves

Adding a Small Stove Can Make a Big Impact

At Forge & Flame, we believe all spaces deserve to be warm and cozy, even the most intimate ones. Create a new favorite spot with a small wood, pellet or gas stove. If you are looking to heat an area as small as 400 square feet, our collection of small stoves gives you charming choices.

Vast Options for Small Spaces

When considering wood stoves, the Aspen — our smallest wood stove — is also considered a mini wood stove. Complete with a top plate cooking surface for the stovetop chef, the Aspen has been featured as a tiny house wood stove. Love the look of cast iron but need a little more heating power? The Intrepid is small in stature and great for compact spaces. Looking for the sleekness and radiant heat of steel? Look no further than the Discovery I and 2100M wood stove for powerful performance and easy operation in a small footprint. All of these choices are a great step to add sustainable living to your home.

Our small pellet stoves are an efficient way to modernize your wood heating experience. To use wood pellets, (essentially compressed wood biproduct), you simply fill the hopper with fuel, set your desired temperature and enjoy! The Outfitter and Santa Fe pellet stoves are ideal for those seeking a steel stove at a moderate price. Looking for more? The steel P43, and the cast iron Absolute43 pellet stoves are our most popular small models boasting the lowest maintenance and most accurate temperature control.

The ease of adding warmth with a gas heating stove is second-to-none. Small in size but rich in cast iron detail, the Intrepid® direct vent stove delivers reliable and efficient heat that takes the chill out of any room. Select from the standard touchscreen remote or optional IntelliFire® app, for the solution that fits your life.

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