Key Technologies

Get in-depth information about the industry-leading technologies we utilize in our fireplace and stove products, as well as some industry terminology. Click on the links below to learn more and see how each technology effects how your new product functions.

  • Exhaust Sensing Probe (ESP) Technology

    Harman pellet stoves utilize an advanced Exhaust Sensing Probe (ESP) system to deliver precision heating control.

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  • Pellet Pro System

    The patented Pellet Pro System makes it possible to burn any grade of pellet fuel for maximum heat and efficiency.

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  • EASY Touch Control

    The Harman EASY Touch Control is the most advanced control system ever created—completely changing the way you can heat your home.

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  • Wireless Room Sensor

    The optional Wireless Room Sensor was exclusively designed to communicate with the EASY Touch Controls on Harman pellet products.

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  • Zone Heating

    This climate control technology provides homeowners with the option to redirect heat output to specific areas of the home, improving heating efficiency.

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