Get up to $2000 back
with a 30% tax credit for biomass stoves

As the world continues to move towards renewable energy sources, local, state and federal government agencies have encouraged homeowners to make the shift to wood and pellet stoves by providing financial incentives. But there’s more to making decisions than just money, right?

Wood and pellet stoves are cozy and atmospheric. They are designed to deliver efficient heat into your space while giving you the added security of access to your fuel source. The controlled airflow, in comparison to open masonry fireplaces, allows fires to burn longer, lowering operational and fuel costs. Maybe it does come down to money after all, and by switching to a wood or pellet stove, homeowners stand to save a lot. 

Biomass experts estimate people who make the switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources (wood and pellet stoves) could see a significant decrease in energy costs. When you combine that with the potential for tax credits, deductions, rebates and exemptions from the government, the savings really start to add up. 

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why a pellet or wood burning stove

Coal, oil and other outdated fuels are perfect if you enjoy a sizable carbon footprint and spending more than you need to on heating. But if you’re looking for increased energy efficiency, a cozy ambiance and a renewable energy source, a Forge & Flame alternative heat source is the way to go. Our brands — Harman, Quadra-fire, and Vermont Castings — offer a variety of wood and pellet stoves, most of which are eligible for an incentive program. 

Federal tax credit (US only)

On January 1, 2023, a new wood and pellet heater investment tax credit became effective for qualifying purchases completed on or after that date, through December 31, 2032. Found under section 25(C) of the tax code as modified by the "Inflation Reduction Act of 2022," this new credit covers 30% of the purchase and installation costs (up to a $2,000 annual credit) for tax years 2023 through 2032.

To get started, find your local dealer to discuss which qualifying products best meet your heating needs. Once installation is complete, be sure to keep your receipt, including product and installation costs, and download our 2023-2032 manufacturer’s certificate. You’ll need this to claim your credit. This is a non-refundable tax credit. Please consult your tax advisor prior to purchase to see what this tax credit means for you.

To qualify, the stove or insert must burn a biomass fuel, heat air or water and be at least 75% efficient per the higher heating value (HHV) of the fuel. Installations at primary or secondary residencies can be claimed, and both the purchase and installation costs (venting and related materials, onsite labor) can be included in your total cost.

Further info

Did you purchase a qualifying stove or insert in 2021 or 2022?

For purchases made January 1, 2021, through December 31, 2023, review eligible hearth products here. For purchases made prior to 2021, see here. 

Chageout & Incentive Programs

To limit emissions and encourage homeowners to make the switch to newer, EPA-approved stoves, there are several heater programs in place that you can take advantage of. Depending on where you live, you can replace your old appliance and receive benefits and incentives like rebates, low or no-interest loans and discounts in return.  

If you’ve been waiting to replace your old stove, now’s the time. To learn more or find changeout programs in your area, visit HPBA Woodstove Changeout.

Make the Most of Your Taxes

Over 200 million Americans received a tax refund from the IRS in 2022. Aside from bolstering their savings or paying off debts, more than half of homeowners plan to spend at least some of their tax returns on home improvements. 

Why not maximize your tax return by investing in an energy efficient  home heating system that provides long-term value? New biomass stoves and inserts have increased energy efficiency ratings that significantly reduce monthly energy costs. Plus, if you have an old stove, you may be able to take advantage of the many incentives and changeout programs available.

Forge & Flame hearth products provide powerful, efficient heat in many ways. Updating a current drafty masonry fireplace with an efficient wood or pellet insert will enhance the ambiance of the room and increase efficiency by up to 85%. Don’t have an existing fireplace? Choose from our selection of dependable freestanding stoves that can be installed in just a few hours and bring you warmth like never before.

Rebates and Tax Credits for Stoves & Fireplace Inserts

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