EASY Touch Control

The Harman EASY Touch Control is the most advanced control system ever created—and makes it EASY to heat your home:

 Easy: Intuitive touchscreen operation is quick and easy
 Accurate: Keep desired heat levels all day, every day, and save fuel using the scheduling feature and optional wireless remote sensor
 Smart: Automatically monitors performance and notifies you when maintenance is needed
 Yearly Savings: Industry-leading technology, features and high efficiency help save you money on heating bills

EASY Touch Control Owner's Manual
EASY Touch Control Quick Start Guide



The Harman EASY Touch Control Software Update 21.04.20 includes the following updates:

Power Icon Moves 90°
The Power Icon now rotates when turned ON/Shutting Down/OFF. Our color blind customers have difficulty detecting grey (OFF) and green (ON) so this visual change will alleviate that issue.

Easier Fuel Calibration Functionality
We have made the Fuel Calibration easier and included the instructions on the Fuel Calibration screen. See EASY Touch Manual for details. (Refer to page 24 of Touch Control Owner’s Manual.)

Hopper Fill Screen
For the most accurate fuel calculations, Fuel Calibration should be performed and either “Show Fuel Gauges” and/or “Low Fuel Warning Flash” should be selected on the Home Screen Options screen. Both of these icons signal the Hopper Fill screen to appear each time the hopper senses it was opened, then closed. (Refer to page 21 of Touch Control Owner’s Manual.)

The Day/Time has been changed to include the month, day, year and time. (Refer to page 21 of Touch Control Owner’s Manual.)

Wireless Room Sensor, optional
In addition to providing the most accurate room temperature, use of the Wireless Room Sensor automatically restores the time on the Touch Control after a power failure, keeping the Schedule activated. To use the optional Wireless Room Sensor (part # 3-20-777556), software update 20.02.03 must be completed on Absolute43 units with Serial number 0081272542 or earlier.

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