Wireless Room Sensor

The Wireless Room Sensor was exclusively designed to communicate with the EASY Touch Controls on Harman pellet products. Consumers love the ability to place this wireless sensor up to 30 feet away, and enjoy the warmth of pellet heat exactly where they want it. The Wireless Room Sensor mounts on a wall wherever you want your heat measured.

The Wireless Room Sensor is so accurate, it keep your space within 1 degree of your set temperature. Simply sync to your EASY Touch Control (which takes about 20 seconds) and install with the provided screws.

Smart Features:
 After a power outage, the wireless room sensor resets the controls to the current time, allowing your heat schedule to resume automatically.
 Communicates to the EASY Touch Control every 17 seconds, keeping your set temperature as accurate as possible, all day, every day.
 Easily mount up to 30 feet away from the stove or insert on any interior wall (mounting hardware included).
 We provide the two AA batteries with a life expectancy of more than a year.
 Track connection strength and battery levels on EASY Touch Control Diagnostic page 6.
 Low Battery Warning messages will be seen on the home screen.
 If connection is lost due to a dead battery the stove continues operation by automatically switching to its back-up sensor when the batteries are dead, and will display a “replace batteries” message on the home screen of the EASY Touch Control)

Light communications:
• A green LED flashes when good communication is made to the display
• An amber LED flashes when searching
• A red LED flashes when searching in energy saving mode – this may occur when the appliance has been unplugged, or is experiencing an extended power loss

To use the optional Wireless Room Sensor (part # 3-20-777556), software update 16.04.12 must be completed on Absolute43 units with Serial number 0081272542 or earlier. All other units are Wireless Room Sensor ready.

Software Update: Easy Touch Control - What’s New
Software Update: Easy Touch Control - How to Update
Software Update: EASY Touch Control file 23.02.14 (zip format)