Zone Heating

Increase home energy efficiency by utilizing zone heating.

Instead of having to pay to heat your entire home, you can cut your heating bill by up to 40%* when you heat only the areas you utilize most! Supplemental heating appliances like pellet stoves or fireplaces are a fantastic way to not only keep your living areas comfortable, but also add a beautiful focal point and ambiance to any room. These charming additions can even increase the overall value of your home!

There is no reason to heat unoccupied rooms simply because you’re feeling chill down the hall. With zone heating, you can stay comfortable while reducing the temperature on your thermostat, and subsequently saving money. Now your home can be more efficient than ever while you enjoy on-demand warmth only where you need it.

*ACEE 1990 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings. Proceedings. Vol. 9.