Reasons To Love the Harman P-Series Pellet Stove

The Harman P-Series pellet stove is well known as the “powerhouse of pellet stoves,” and for a good reason. The series epitomizes the capability of Harman pellet stoves, reflecting Harman’s decades of pellet stove design, technology and manufacturing.

We’ll explore why the three Harman P-Series models –  the P43, P61 and P68 – are a great addition to any home.  

What is the Harman P-Series?

The P-Series is the longest-standing Harman stove series. The stoves in this line have high output, smart controls, expansive heating range, and easy maintenance. Each has a similar appearance – they’re black with special flame reactive mirrored glass – and have similar frame sizes. They all have whisper-quiet variable-speed blowers, and a sealed hopper that holds up to 76 pounds of pellets.

The difference lies in the amount of heat output, and this is because of the size of the burn pot and firebox. (The larger the burn pot and firebox, the more heat is produced.)  In the P-series, the model names indicate the estimated maximum BTUs in thousands:

  • P43 has 43,000 BTUs
  • P61 has 61,000 BTUs
  • P68 has 68,000 BTUs

Each stove is known to be long-lasting and never misses a chance to heat, making them a perfect entry into the world of Harman heating.

Why Buy a P-Series Stove?

Below are eight reasons we love the Harman P-Series and why you will, too.

1. Longevity
The longevity of the stove is one of its number-one features. Tad Tweed from Mace Energy Supply in Bethesda, MD says, “I see motors over 10 years old, blowers that tend to last 10 to 12 years total, which is much longer than anything else I’m aware of.”

2. Reliability
There’s a history of reliability with the P-Series. Some people have owned their stoves for more than 20 years. That’s twenty years of flawless pellet heat. That’s approaching legend status!

Wayne Stritsman with Best Fire Hearth & Patio in New York says selling the P-Series is a no-brainer. “When someone owns a P-Series, I never worry about them not liking it or the stove not working. It’s pleasurable for the consumer and the dealer. I can trust that when they get it, they’ll like it, and it will last forever with minimal maintenance and services.”

3. Durability
The P-Series takes a beating and keeps on heating. Maintenance is the lowest of any of the pellet stoves in the industry – whether by you, the consumer, or serviced by a technician.

4. Simple Installation
The P-Series is simple to install. The stoves are designed to be direct vent, meaning, in most cases, no pipe needs to be exposed in your home. The pipe can go directly from the stove, out the back, unseen, and through an outside wall. A big plus on aesthetics in your home!

5. Labor-Free Heat
Load the pellets, turn the dial, and voila: You’ve got heat. Tweed says, “I have customers that come into the store in their older years, and they have burned wood for thirty years. They convert because they feel too old to cut, split, haul and burn wood. They’re back in two weeks, saying they didn’t know why they didn’t do it 20 years earlier.” Large hoppers and ash pans mean you can burn longer with less effort. In fact, you can go about a month before emptying the ash pan compared to disposing of ashes every two days when burning wood.

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6. Exclusive Technologies: Pellet Pro and ESP Technology
When you choose a Harman pellet stove, you are getting exclusive, patented, time-tested technologies: Pellet Pro and Exhaust Sensing Probe (ESP). These technologies work in tandem every moment your stove is on, which is why you get the most accurate temperature control, within one degree of your set temperature, no matter what type of pellet you burn. The Pellet Pro System consists of the burn pot and auger system that feeds pellets from the bottom-up. This means every tiny piece of pellet is burned – no waste and maximum heat.

Another useful feature is that you can do basic cleaning such as scraping the burn pot and emptying the ashes while the stove is burning. Most other brands require you to shut the stove down to cool before doing any of that.  Who wants to be cold in winter just to take ashes out?

7. Easy to Clean & Service
When the P-Series needs service, it’s usually a snap. In fact, Harman is known for having the easiest pellet stoves to clean. When annual service and cleanings are needed, it is as fast and simple as it gets with only a few, easily accessible components to remove to thoroughly clean the venting.

8. Best Bang for Your Buck
If you want three decades of pellet stove engineering excellence, as well as premium features, proven reliability and durability, and a price that fits your budget, the P-Series is the best choice. While your initial investment may be higher than other entry-price point options, over the life of the stove you’ll ultimately be paying less. Less maintenance, fewer service calls, and a longer period of operation make the P-Series the best option for the money.

What’s more, all three of the P-Series stoves qualify for the 30% Federal Biomass Tax Credit, up to $2,000 annually, based on the full cost (purchase and installation) of the unit. To learn more about the tax credit and to explore Harman's qualifying line of stoves, visit here.

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Ready to take the next step in adding P-Series to your home? Contact your local authorized Harman dealer today!

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