Harman Celebrates 35th Anniversary by Honoring Vets

Laura Rusnak, a retired police officer and U.S. Army Reserves and Air National Guard veteran out of New York, is the second winner of a pellet stove in our 35th anniversary giveaway for military families. Laura’s Harman P43 pellet stove was installed in January in her family’s enclosed porch and sunroom, and they’ve already enjoyed many days and evenings basking in the warmth and glow of the stove.

Winners posing next to their new stove
Left to Right: Laura's boyfriend, Barry, Karen Smeltz of Harman, Laura, Dan Harman

Laura and Barry were looking to buy a pellet stove when Barry, unbeknownst to Laura, saw the Harman giveaway to veterans and entered her in the contest. After they found out that they won, the couple felt so honored they wanted to follow suit in the kindness shown by Harman and "pay it forward" and made a generous donation to 9-1-1 Veterans, an organization that provides support to military veterans.

Winners posing next to their new stove

Laura is the second of three winners in Harman’s 35th anniversary giveaway to veterans. The winners were selected from entries submitted by veterans themselves, or nominations from family and friends. Look for an upcoming blog post featuring our final winner soon!

Everyone at Harman thanks Laura and all veterans for their service. Enjoy the warmth of your new pellet stove, Laura!

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