How to Use a Pellet Stove During a Power Outage

From heavy snowfall or freezing rain to hurricane-force winds and low temperatures, winter storms bring extreme weather, which can lead to lost power. A power outage means a cold house and general disruption to your daily life.

Luckily, this can be resolved with dual-acting systems: a battery backup system and a pellet stove. In fact, while power outages might be inevitable during intense winter storms, an emergency backup power system for your pellet stove is a valuable resource. Read on as we explain why winter storm preparation and backup power appliances are important for pellet stoves owners.

Why Winter Storm Preparation is Important

Pellet stoves require electricity to operate, which means they won’t work in the event of a power outage. If you’re armed with a power source to fuel your pellet stove during a winter storm, your home stays warm and functional as you continue your daily tasks. Being prepared can alleviate stress by knowing you have a backup power source in place.

Close-up of a cord going into a power outlet

Emergency Power for Pellet Stoves

Not all battery backups are the same. Some emergency systems are designed to keep your stove running at full power during an outage, while others are simply used to ensure a safe and timely shutdown. Only the best provide enough power for quick unit shutdown without emitting smoke in the home. Inverter/chargers continue operation of the appliance until the battery is exhausted or power is restored. This is also referred to as an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS).

Harman tested and approved several Tripp Lite battery backup systems for our pellet stoves and inserts. Readily available on Tripp Lite’s website as well as online and brick-and-mortar retailers, they offer different levels of power and convenience:

These units will power your stove during an outage:

  • Tripp Lite APS700HF: This is the most cost-effective inverter/charger approved by Harman. At 700 watts, it can run the stove for up to eight hours, keeping your room warm and cozy amidst frigid outdoor temperatures. It requires a 12-volt deep cycle battery and simple stove setting changes from a Harman dealer.
  • Tripp Lite APS750: At 750 watts, it can run the stove for up to eight hours and charges multiple deep-cycle batteries for longer run times. It requires a 12-volt deep cycle battery and simple setting changes from a Harman dealer.
  • Tripp Lite APS1012SW: With 1,000 watts, this battery unit will power the stove for up to eight hours and can charge multiple deep-cycle batteries for longer run times. It requires a 12-volt deep cycle battery and does not require setting changes from a Harman dealer.

AUPS, like the one listed below, simply shuts the stove down. It doesn’t operate the stove during an outage but ensures it’s safely powered down if electricity is lost.

  • Tripp Lite INTERNET750U: It senses when the power goes out and cuts electricity to the stove. It’s not intended to operate the stove but will help prevent smoke from entering the room as the stove shuts down and if the stove door is opened.

While a generator will also power your pellet stove (and possibly your whole house, depending on the size), these battery backup systems kick in automatically, so you aren’t required to be home. That way, you can be sure to come home to a warm house, no matter the weather!

Prepare for Any Weather

Take the necessary preparations for your home to take on the winter cold. View more information about how these systems integrate with Harman stoves. If you need additional help, your local authorized Harman dealer is an excellent resource for more details.

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