How to Accessorize Your Pellet Stove

A pellet stove is an aesthetically pleasing addition to the home (and a great opportunity to showcase your personal style!) In this blog post, we’ll explain why pellet stove tools, cleaning supplies and other add-ons are important, as well as provide decorative ideas and reveal our top-four favorite pellet stove accessories.

6 Ways to Accessorize Your Pellet Stove

While pellet stove accessories and pellet stove cleaning tools are a must-have for safety and maintenance, they’re also a decorative decision that lends personal style to your stove as well as the decor of the room in which it’s located. We’ve included a list of pellet stove accessories below. Many of them are necessary for your stove’s operation, but they also transform your stove into a stylish statement.

Hearth Pads

An image of a Harman XXV-TC pellet stove on top of a white marble hearth pad

A pellet stove requirement, the hearth pad is a stable, non-combustible floor protector for the area below and around your stove. Extending past the front as well as up the sides and back of the stove, it protects any combustible surface from embers, sparks or intense heat. Check with your authorized pellet stove dealer or in your owner’s manual for the sizing and measurements specific to your model.

Using the hearth pad as an opportunity to lend your personal style to a pellet stove is a functional yet creative way to give your home character while protecting your floors. With a variety of colors, patterns and materials to choose from, you can find a hearth pad that’s an expression of your taste or have one custom-made from excess tiles originally used as part of the room’s interior design.

Pellet Stove Pad Ideas: No matter your aesthetic, an array of materials, patterns and designs are available on the market to create a beautiful centerpiece for your stove. For a rustic finish, a custom stone design brings a natural element to your hearth. Those with modern taste can add in a sleek, neutral tile with a grid, herringbone, or subway tiling layout to add interest to the hearth pad and surrounding background.

With hearth pad design, the options are endless! To create a beautiful centerpiece for your home, we recommend working with a tiling or stonework company to draft up the hearth of your dreams.

Heat-Resistant Gloves

While fire-resistant gloves are primarily designed for safety purposes, there are fashionable options available as well. Many brands offer gloves that can complement your personal style while providing protection from a pellet stove’s heat. Some gloves even feature additional design elements, such as leather accents or intricate stitching, that can add a touch of sophistication. While safety should always be a top priority, there's no reason why your gloves can't be fashionable as well.

Since the front door, door handle and flue pipe get extremely hot when a pellet stove is running, heat-resistant gloves are a crucial safety measure to protect your skin from the heat of your stove. Fire-resistant gloves are available in synthetic materials such as Kevlar ®, silicone or nitrile, and are available in various heat resistant temperature ranges.

Pellet Stove Glove Ideas: The right type of gloves also offer an opportunity; choose the right color and you’ll be able to complement the decor of your room. It’s a simple way to tie your pellet stove into your overall design choices.

Wood Pellet Storage

an image of a Harman Absolute pellet stove with decorative emtal pellet storage containers


Not to be confused with wood pellet storage containers that are kept in the garage or basement to store wood pellets, wood pellet storage refers to the metal or glass bins that are kept hearthside and used for holding extra pellets. While this accessory is not necessary, it adds comfort to the pellet stove experience as it keeps your daily supply of pellets easily accessible.

With a little creativity, hearthside pellet storage can be an opportunity for adding a decorative element to your hearth. Containers made of vibrant metal, vintage copper, or rustic farmhouse glass are aesthetic touches that can be found at a nearby estate sale, online or at home goods stores. Let's explore some tips and ideas for using pellet storage as decoration.

Pellet Stove Storage Ideas: At Harman, we often recommend that customers use non-combustible metal containers with flip lids to house their pellets near the hearth. They make for great storage containers as the foot-operated lid comes in handy. Colorful metal buckets with handles and lids also offer a simple and vibrant option for storing pellets. For added style, buy a few that match the colors of your home.

Hearth Companion Set or Fireplace Tool Set

It's important to have a hearth companion set or fireplace tool set nearby for efficient pellet stove care. Readily available so you can manage the fire and maintain a good heat source, it’s an accessory that’s always out in the open and so is also a chance to add depth and texture to a room. Available in various metals and finishes, online retailers offer stylish choices that you’ll be proud to show off.

There are two types of tool sets that can be featured on your hearth. One is a hearth companion set, which is a three-piece tool set and includes tongs or a fire poker to prod the burning pellets and a brush with a scoop to sweep up the remaining ashes for those pellet stoves that don’t automatically dump. You can also use a five-piece fireplace tool set, which commonly includes a shovel, poker, tongs, broom and stand. These sets are a must-have for stove owners and come in many styles and sizes.

Pellet Stove Tool Set Ideas: A hearth companion or fireplace tool set adds a touch of hearthside style. Vintage hearth and fireplace tool sets can also be found at antique or thrift stores as well as online.

Heat Shields or Free-Standing Fireplace Screens

Decorative fireplace screens are both pieces of art and protect your family and pets from the heat of the fire. Offered in endless patterns and finishes, you can use a screen to reflect your home’s design. Whether you're going for a traditional, rustic look or a modern, minimalist approach, there are plenty of options to choose from.

The glass door and door handle, located at the front of a wood pellet heating stove, reaches around 250 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have children and pets, purchasing a child-proof safety gate for the front of your pellet stove is an easy way to ensure the safety of your loved ones. For it to be considered child-proof and used in front of a hearth, the gate must be secured to the walls and have an opening so the area can be accessed. However, if you’re just looking to protect the room and its adult inhabitants from an accidental slip or fall, a free-standing fireplace screen can be a stylish choice. Many online retailers as well as brick-and-mortar stores offer them.

Fireplace Screen Ideas for Your Pellet Stove: A free-standing fireplace screen is a wonderful opportunity to add an artistic showpiece to your room. With so many to choose from, it’s easy to find a suitable shade and pattern. They come in iron, steel, brass, copper, tin and more. In terms of style, they feature geometric patterns, art deco designs, old-world gothic motifs, antique metal finishes and curved screens that hug the hearths, so you’ll be sure to find one that suits you.

Termination Caps

Termination caps may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of home decor, but they actually add flair to the exterior of your chimney while also serving a functional purpose. Decorative termination caps enhance your home’s curb appeal by bringing a decorative element to an oft-forgotten locale.

A termination cap, also referred to as a chimney cap, is a protective covering that’s installed over the top of a chimney. They’re made from a steel or copper mesh that’s wrapped around the top of the chimney and finished off with a cap that covers the uppermost opening. An essential component of any hearth system, termination caps protect the interior of the home and chimney from rainfall, downdrafts, sleet, snow and hail; all of which can result in water damage and mold growth. The mesh shroud acts as a spark deflector, preventing rooftops and other close combustibles from catching fire when hot embers escape. Additionally, caps help to prevent natural elements and animals from getting in.

Decorative Termination Cap Ideas: Available in a variety of styles and sizes that complement a home’s exterior, decorative termination caps provide a way to accent or disguise your venting system.

Harman’s Top Three Favorite Pellet Stove Decoration Ideas

Cozy Up Your Pellet Stove with Easy-to-Find Extras

Installing a pellet stove in your home’s living room adds a cozy feeling that inspires relaxation and peace of mind. Harman’s XXV-TC, Absolute 63 and Absolute43 pellet stoves all boast transitional styling, impressive craftsmanship and unsurpassed quality amongst many other beneficial features. Their traditional characteristics make each a bold focal point that blends perfectly with a variety of room decors.

Some of our favorite Harman pellet stove accessories include candles of various shapes and sizes around the stove area, an exposed brick wall backdrop, lightly distressed rustic-style accessories such as copper urns and assorted greenery, exposed and neatly piled wood logs in an assortment of sizes, and a warm blanket slung over the couch’s furthest armrest begging occupants to curl up and take a nap.

A Classic Concept with Modern Flare

Pellet stoves are not only for country-style design motifs. In fact, our next pellet stove decor idea is to install a super-sleek pellet stove in an ultra-modern home. In this style, bright flames dance against a monochromatic backdrop, causing them to shine brighter than ever before. This design concept works best when accessorized with a set of contemporary fireplace tools, a geometrically interesting mirror hanging on a surrounding wall, an angular piece of furniture, or a pop of color in the form of a floor vase.

Harman’s Allure50 exudes futuristic style through its sleek vertical design and powerful technology. A revered product, the Allure50 features flame-reactive mirrored glass, a remote room sensor, multi-directional airflow, a hidden handle, an extra-large ash pan, a huge hopper, the ability to hold a specific temperature and a warranty that ranges from one year to a limited lifetime. Available in a handful of finishes including Satin Black, Gloss White, Gloss Red, Gloss Black and Brushed Stainless Steel, this pellet stove easily catches the modern designer’s eye.

Decorative Fireplace Screens: An Opportunity to Include Art

Decorative fireplace screens serve a dual purpose, protecting stove enthusiasts from a fire’s stray embers while lending artistic expression to the heart of your home. Available in a variety of metals, mesh, finishes or glass, a decorative fireplace screen can be squeezed into a frugal budget or treated as a splurge with custom sizing, materials and panel design. When you’re looking for pellet stove fireplace ideas, you’ll want to remember that glass screens tend to be more expensive and let less heat through, while mesh ones allow more warmth to fill the room and still provide an air of creativity. Whether you’re seeking minimalistic or bold, wrought iron Victorian or art nouveau, the market is ripe with options.

Accessorizing your pellet stove serves as both a functional and decorative element to your hearth. With many options to choose from, your home will benefit from safety and ease-of-use functions such as hearth pads, gloves and pellet containers. For more educational resources for owning a pellet stove, please visit Harman’s blog or contact one of our certified Harman dealers near you.

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