Biomass Energy: Diving into the Benefits of this Sustainable and Renewable Fuel Source

Believe it or not, you can take steps to make your home more sustainable, breathe cleaner air, and enjoy the financial benefits of biomass fuel burned in a pellet stove or insert.

You might know what this unique fuel type is, but if you aren't sure, we're here to share the specifics. We’ll answer important questions like, "What qualifies as a biomass fuel?" and “What are the biomass fuel pros and cons?” Then, if you’re ready to take the next step, we’ll outline what to look for as you shop for biofuel stoves.

What is Biomass?
“Biomass fuel sustainably converts plants into usable energy. Biomass fuels produce heat referred to as "thermal biomass." Pellets are a biomass fuel produced from sawdust and scrap wood derived from logging and manufacturing, forest debris, and crop waste. This organic matter is dried and pressed into pellets that deliver a long-lasting, clean-burning, and green heat when burned in modern pellet stove or insert.

Pellet stove hopper

Biomass Fuel Advantages

There are a few biomass fuel advantages, which we'll outline for you here.

1. Sustainability: Because biomass fuel is derived from renewable sources, it’s a sustainable energy source. Cordwood involves felling trees, splitting the wood, and storing it for use. In contrast, pellets use waste material from manufacturing or logging facilities that are compressed into fuel and bagged for use, reducing scrap materials sent to landfills.

Fuel oil, on the other hand, is derived from petroleum or crude oil, which is commonly used to fuel the heat and energy in our homes every day. This finite fossil fuel is extracted from the earth through drilling and fracking, transported through pipelines, rail cars, or tanker trucks to refineries for processing, and then distributed to fuel oil or propane services for delivery to homes. When compared to biomass fuel, it's an involved, labor- and energy-intensive process. So, when you purchase a pellet stove or insert it for your home, you're contributing to making the world a greener place.

2. Cost stability: With rising electricity and gas prices, many consumers desperately seek alternatives to expensive energy sources. These days, it’s not uncommon to see inflated energy bills in your home as well – which causes panic and worry for many. If you’re open to the opportunity to diversify your home’s energy sources, pellet stoves are ideal for providing supplementary heating in the cold seasons. Why is this? Pellet prices have been remarkably stable over the past decade, while all other energy sources fluctuate sharply with the market.

What's more, by going green with a pellet stove, you also get green in return. The U.S. Biomass Tax Credit is available for eligible biomass stove product purchases. You can earn back $300 on biomass heating products that meet the 75% efficiency requirement. Here's more information on the federal tax credits for biomass stoves.

3. Easy to use: Forget having to use paper, kindling, and matches; pellet stoves have electric igniters, so it makes fire starting a breeze. Many high-quality pellet stoves have a thermostat so you can easily control the heat output. Some even have advanced functions like remote control via a smartphone, and other progressive programming features.

Updating the thermostat on a fireplace

Sourcing the Right Biomass Fuel-Burning Stove for You

Truth be told, biomass fuel is only as good as the appliance it's burned in. EPA-certified Harman stoves have the following features that make these models a go-to choice for homes around the world:

4. They burn cleanly: Harman pellet stoves and inserts burn clean and expel extremely low particulate emissions. The stoves produce "green heat" with very little ash to clean up and virtually no creosote buildup. In addition, they don’t emit carbon dioxide, which can significantly impact your lung health.

5. Intelligent technologies make them a breeze to use: Harman pellet stoves also make heating with pellets as convenient as possible with programmable thermostats, automatic cleaning cycles, and key technologies like the Pellet Pro Technology and Exhaust Sensing Probe. Learn more about the anatomy of an intelligent pellet stove.

6. Built to last: Harman has a rich legacy of manufacturing and marketing hearth products. For more than 43 years, we have fortified our reputation on making dependable stoves with power, innovation, and distinctive styling details.

Straight on view of Harman black fireplace insert

Ready to take the next step? Pop into a certified Harman pellet stove and insert dealer nearest you!

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