Four Tips on Decorating in “White Farmhouse” Style

Social media loves this blogger’s all-white decorating theme. Even her Explorer II is frost white!


If you love a rustic decorating style, you probably already know about up-and-coming Instagram sensation Morgan Ford and her account titled The White Farmhouse. It chronicles the complete renovation of her husband’s grandparents’ farmhouse, and it showcases her crisp white-and-wood decorating style.

While a wood-burning stove has always been in the house, Ford’s family recently upgraded to an efficient, long-burning model. Naturally, they chose an Explorer II. The crisp frost white color is a perfect fit with the farmhouse’s décor, and the efficiency of the stove is a perfect fit for her family’s busy lifestyle. We asked Ford to share four of her top tips for those who want to adopt a farmhouse style in their spaces.

Tip #1: Never stop exploring

Even with the foundation of an all-white theme, Ford keeps mixing it up with her own personal style. “I’m always learning and changing,” she says, “and I seem forever to be finding ‘my style.’ Anyone else feel like they love everything? Because that's me!”

Tip #2: Celebrate the stove every season

“In winter, I decorate around the Explorer II with a cute log holder on the side and a pair of wood gloves, which are both practical and functional,” Ford says. “In summer, I hang banner on the mantel, and I love putting birch logs in a clean stove.”

Tip #3: White + wood = a perfect match

“I love to keep my walls off-white and my furniture neutral—I can’t get over the look of white walls and wood furniture. The wood brings such warmth and character to a home. With the look we have, I can toss in a fun pillow with a pop of color or add some fresh flowers and have myself a fresh new room!

Tip #4: Minimize

Less is more, Ford says. “My biggest trick to keeping a home clean is getting rid of clutter. If you want to decorate a room, start by getting rid of everything you don't love and use. ‘Put it in a black bag and never look back,’ as my mother would say.”

Learn more about why the Explorer II was the right choice for this family; and to connect with a dealer near you, head here.

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