Heating Up with a Social Media Sensation

With nearly 60,000 people following her every decorating move on Instagram, Morgan Ford’s White Farmhouse blog has taken the notion of “rustic décor” and turned it on its head. Her modern farmhouse decorating choices give her home a uniquely streamlined yet classic look. And an all-white Quadra-Fire wood stove is at the center of that style. Ford and her family recently upgraded to a larger model–an Explorer II–and she’s reveling in the expanded hours of warmth it provides (not to mention its unstoppable good looks).

Meet Morgan

A young female influencer poses with her new farmhouse stove

She lives with her husband (“the boy next door”) and two young sons in his grandparents’ Michigan farmhouse. Extended family is nearby. “We live smack dab between my family’s farm and his family’s farm,” she shares. They’ve been renovating the old farmhouse for five years now. Along the way, they’ve expanded their family with two sons: Auburn, two, and Woodrow, one. “I started blogging just before Auburn was born,” she says.

See for yourself

Before: The older Yosemite stove was beautiful, but a little too small for their heating needs.

Classic white farmhouse stove before installation

After: This stylish new Explorer II fits the farmhouse décor perfectly and keeps everyone warm.

New white farmhouse stove after installation

The joy of wood

Exterior of home with piled wood on the porch

“Both of us grew up on farms, cutting wood every winter, and we couldn’t imagine life without a wood stove,” she says. “The most wonderful thing about our new Explorer II is how much less wood it burns. Cutting the few cords of wood we need for our 1,800 square-foot home is more of a hobby than a chore these days. And as much as I love being outside and helping, somehow I never seem to stack it right, so I would say the hubby handles most of that.”

Heating the whole house

Exterior of classic farmhouse

With their older model stove, the Fords needed to wake up in the middle of the night for stoking. No wonder Morgan is especially excited about the Explorer II’s 12-hour burn time. “With two little kids, and with us both gone during the day working, I can't tell you what a relief it is to have a bigger stove keeping our home warm while we’re away or asleep,” she says.

Wise words from Morgan

“If you’re looking for a wood stove, look no further than the Explorer II,” she says. “I promise, this will be the best decision you've ever made. And if you're wondering which color to get, let me tell you, I am in love with this one in white!”

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