Quadra-Fire Wood Burning Stoves

Wood Burning Stoves with Pure Performance Technology

As any true wood stove user knows, it’s not about flipping a switch and having instant gratification. It’s gathering and chopping wood, building the perfect fire, watching the flames spark and roll, enjoying the nostalgic aroma of wood smoke — that’s what it’s about. Quadra-Fire owners understand this feeling better than anyone. They know that nothing embodies the identity of a wood stove enthusiast like the classic steel heating machine called a Quadra-Fire wood stove. They know why we say “Nothing Burns Like a Quad.”

The perfect marriage of rugged, dependable construction and patented technology, Quadra-Fire stoves are an American classic. Browse our selection of wood-burning stoves below to find the perfect product to create that iconic atmosphere in your home or cabin.

Selecting the Perfect Quadra-Fire Pellet Stove

Quadra-Fire’s line of steel wood-burning stoves are the embodiment of an independent lifestyle. Our stoves are equipped to not only heat your home but provide surfaces for warming dishes or heating water when the power fails. Quad stoves are available in step-top and flat-top models, some with the choice of legs or a pedestal base, and the Discovery series includes a space to store your fuel, so you can take fewer trips to the wood pile. To determine the stove that is best for you, consider the amount of space you intend to heat, the style of stove that works best for your home and the features and accessories you want, like satin nickel trim or an added fan to move more heat into the room. Visit your local Quadra-Fire dealer to see all the stove choices available and to get answers to your questions about the right one for your home or cabin.

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