Quadra-Fire Wood Burning Stoves

Wood Burning Stoves With Pure Performance Technology

As any true wood stove user knows, it’s not about flipping a switch and having instant gratification. It’s gathering and chopping wood, building the perfect fire, watching the flames spark and roll, enjoying the nostalgic aroma of wood smoke — that’s what it’s about. 

Quadra-Fire owners understand this feeling better than anyone. They know that nothing embodies the identity of a wood stove enthusiast like the classic steel heating machine called a Quadra-Fire wood stove. They know why we say “Nothing Burns Like a Quad.” These wood burning stoves are the epitome of rugged, reliable construction paired with innovative technology, making Quadra-Fire a quintessential American classic. 

Selecting Your Perfect Quadra-Fire Wood Stove

Quadra-Fire’s collection of steel wood-burning stoves captures the spirit of independence and resilience. Quadra-Fire’s robust line of wood stoves offers a perfect solution for any space. Available in step-top and flat-top models with options for legs or a pedestal base, Quadra-Fire wood-burning stoves seamlessly integrate convenience and style, including built-in fuel storage in select units


When choosing the right Quadra-Fire wood stove, consider the size of the area you wish to heat, the aesthetic that complements your space, and the functionalities that matter most to you. From aesthetic considerations like satin nickel trim to practical features like an additional fan for improved heat distribution, Quadra-Fire offers a comprehensive range of options to tailor your wood heating experience.

Why Quadra-Fire Stands Out

Quadra-Fire stoves stand out for their commitment to efficiency and environmental stewardship. Featuring advanced technologies like the Automatic Combustion Control (ACC) and the Four-Point Burn System, these stoves offer optimized burning processes that maximize heat output while minimizing waste. The ACC system facilitates longer, cleaner burns by automatically adjusting the air supply, ensuring you get the most out of every log.

Quadra-Fire's dedication to craftsmanship and quality ensures that each stove is not only a functional appliance but also a centerpiece of any room. With a variety of designs ranging from traditional to contemporary, Quadra-Fire wood-burning stoves can seamlessly integrate into any decor, adding cozy warmth to your home.

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