Introducing the FUZION-EX: Forge & Flame’s Electric Stove

Meet Forge & Flame’s newest addition: the FUZION-EX electric stove. Crafted for those who crave adventure and the spirit of the outdoors but enjoy the convenience of modern technology, the FUZION-EX masterfully blends the nostalgic charm of an authentic wood-burning stove with simplicity of electric heat to deliver the coziest home experience. 

Key Features of Forge & Flame’s FUZION Electric Stove

Forged to bring the best of the bold outdoors inside your home, the FUZION features the radiance of an authentic fire with the ease and functionality of modern design.


Crafted with durable steel, the FUZION-EX electric fireplace stove is built to last, framing years of lively and tranquil memories alike. Complete with a hidden heater, the FUZION-EX brings space heating to your cozy corners without sacrificing clean lines.


Every space deserves style and ambiance. That’s why the FUZION-EX was expertly designed with versatility in mind. Without the need for a home renovation, venting or hearth protection, the FUZION-EX can move anywhere in your home with an electrical outlet and a level surface. Whether it is an office, kitchen, sunroom or bedroom, the options for elevated rustic charm are endless.

Four flame settings and thirteen ember bed options mirror the tranquility of the great outdoors, and can be adjusted to suit your specific mood and style. Looking for a lively gathering space? Simply adjust your settings to reflect mesmerizing blues and purples. Ready to unwind within the warming embrace of flames reminiscent of the flicker of a wood-burning fire? Choose the classic crimson hearth setting.

Changing your perspective is easy with the removal or addition of magnetic panels, giving you a view of the fire from one, two or three angles. Let’s spark gathering or relaxation your way.

an image of a little girl and dog near a Forge & Flame FUZION-EX electric stove in a sunroom


Powered by electricity, the FUZION-EX operates at 100% efficiency while warming intimate spaces. Designed to warm your favorite cozy spaces, the FUZION-EX warms up to 500 square feet with 5,000 BTUs, serving as the perfect solution to the cold corners of your home.

Ease of Use

an image of a girl adjusting the flames of a Forge & Flame FUZION-EX electric stove with a remote

Operation is simple with a wireless remote that includes a thermostat, timer, temperature gauge and flame adjustment, so updating your ambiance can be done with a click from up to 13 feet away. And, simple assembly paired with zero maintenance or cleaning means the FUZION reflects the essence of a traditional stove without the hassle.

How to Install an Electric Stove

When it comes to adding the bold spirit of the FUZION-EX to your home, the options are endless. The beauty of an electric heater stove is simplicity: simple to install, simple to use. In less than an hour of assembly, the FUZION-EX is ready to enrich any space with relaxing flames. All you need is a drill, screwdriver, cutting tool and safety gloves to get started.

Then, simply place the unit anywhere there is access to a 120V outlet and a level surface and let the tranquility of the flames do the rest.

Add Instant Ambiance

Step into the world of FUZION-EX, where classic craftsmanship seamlessly integrates with contemporary simplicity. To purchase a FUZION-EX near you, visit one of our local Forge & Flame dealers and elevate your home’s ambiance to new heights.

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