When Is The Best Time to Buy a Pellet Stove?

With birds chirping, trees budding, the sun shining and kids playing outside, there's no denying that summer is quickly approaching. While efficiently heating a home might not be top of mind, summer is actually a great time to consider buying a supplemental heat source, like a pellet stove.

There are several benefits to buying a pellet stove in the off-season. We'll outline them below, along with providing the essentials on pellet stoves and why you might consider one in the first place.

What is a Pellet Stove?


Pellet stoves are freestanding units that burn a biomass fuel called pellets that are made of renewable materials like wood chips and sawdust. Pellets are generally sold in 40-pound bags and are readily available for purchase. Depending on the stove size you purchase and your home's floor plan, you may be able to heat your whole home with a freestanding stove.
Today's pellet stoves are available in various styles to fit any design aesthetic.

Five Reasons Summer is the Best Season to Buy a Pellet Stove

What is the best season to buy a pellet stove? The answer might surprise you. While any season offers advantages, summer is often considered the best time to buy a pellet stove for several reasons:

  • You have more time to decide: Purchasing a pellet stove in the summer can give you plenty of time to research and compare different models, features and prices before the heating season begins.
  • You might see lower prices: During the summer, demand for pellet stoves is typically lower than during the winter when people use them to heat their homes. As a result, retailers may offer discounts or promotions to attract buyers to make an off-season purchase.
  • You are less likely to run into supply issues: For some retailers, pellet stoves may be more readily available during summer, as manufacturers typically stock up on inventory. Because of this, you might have more options to choose from, and the model you have in mind is more likely to be available.
  • You'll give yourself enough time: Before you install a pellet stove, you need to prepare the space around it. While the stove installation can happen in just a few hours, if you want your fire feature to have the extra pizzazz of stonework or other finishing materials, you’ll appreciate the extra time the off season allows.
  • High availability for installation: During slower installation times, retailers and installers have more openings to better meet your schedule.

How to Choose a Pellet Stove

Choosing a pellet stove comes with various considerations: space, size, heat output and features.


A pellet stove will take up roughly a 3' x 3' area and can be placed on a non-combustible surface in a corner or along a wall. You will also need to consider clearance space for required venting going through your wall to the outside. Our team of expert Harman dealers is here to assist you in finding the best space to showcase your new heating unit. You can sit back and enjoy your new home upgrade in less than one day.

Size and Heat Output

The right pellet stove for your home comes down to three main factors:

  • The size and layout of the heating space: Figure out the square footage of the space you need to heat.
  • The room's insulation efficiency: Insulation can help reduce heat transfer into or out of your home. When a room is improperly insulated, heat can escape. The insulation material, age, and application method can affect how well a home is protected.
  • The climate you live in: The average climate and weather conditions in the year's colder months should impact your decision on what type of pellet stove to buy.

Need personalized guidance? To ensure you purchase the right stove for your heating space, please consult one of our certified local Harman dealers. They have the expertise to help you choose the stove that best fits your home.


When selecting a pellet stove, you may prefer certain controls to ensure you can quickly and efficiently manage your home's heating needs.

Some pellet stoves come with basic knob controls. In contrast, Harman has more advanced features – like touch controls, smart thermostats and quiet modes – that enhance the user experience.

Benefits of Adding a Pellet Stove to Your Home

There are many pellet stove benefits, namely cost and efficiency. Let's dig into the details:

Cost Savings

Many homeowners say the number one reason they install a pellet stove is to reduce heating costs. Depending on the size of the pellet stove you could heat up to 2,500 square feet for as little as $4 per day.

The best use case is installing a pellet stove to work harmoniously with another heat source, like a furnace. In fact, you can turn the central furnace temperature down 10 to 15 degrees and use the pellet stove to heat the rooms used the most.

With a pellet stove as a secondary heat source, you'll avoid being at the mercy of a cost-fluctuating energy source, so you can shield your wallet from a sudden cold snap and sustainably warm your home.

Use our pellet fuel savings calculator to see how much a pellet stove could save you on heating costs.


A well-maintained pellet stove is a highly efficient fuel source. Harman pellet stove models, in particular, are incredibly efficient, extracting the maximum amount of heat from each pellet.

Maintenance is a breeze. You can do basic maintenance like scraping the burn pot or taking out the ashes while the stove is burning for true, 24/7 heating. In contrast, other pellet stoves require daily shut down to clean, so you lose out on hours of heat.

Pellet stoves are also cost efficient. In fact, a recent federal incentive further aids cost savings for pellet stove owners. As a result of the legislation, owners can claim a tax credit of 30% with a maximum cap of $2,000 per year through December 2032.

Environmental Friendliness

Pellet stoves burn dense pellets made from recycled materials. So, when using pellets, you’re not relying on foreign oils as a primary energy source. What’s more, stoves let out extremely low particulate emissions of carbon dioxide and creosote. Because of this, they produce fewer greenhouse gases than fossil fuel systems. According to the Pellet Fuels Institute, burning one ton of pellets (rather than oil) reduces carbon emissions by nearly 1.5 tons. 

Take the Next Steps

While any season is a great opportunity to buy a pellet stove, summer surely has its advantages. If you’re ready to make the next move, browse our products and view the idea gallery for a pellet stove that fits your needs and taste! Then, visit a Harman pellet stove and insert dealer near you to bring home your new energy-efficient, cost-effective and eco-friendly heating solution. Happy shopping!

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