Trekker Has Style You Love and Technology You Need

The first pellet stove and insert with Bluetooth is hitting the market.


Quadra-Fire stoves and inserts have always been workhorses. They’re known for easy operation, high performance and durable construction. With the introduction of Trekker pellet stoves and inserts, they’re taking that hard work to the next level with exclusive Bluetooth thermostat technology that gives you unprecedented possibilities for control and comfort.


5 Ways Trekker Rules with Bluetooth



1.     Breakthrough technology. “Trekker has a great look and style, and its control features really set it apart from every other stove and insert in the marketplace,” says Ken Gross, senior product manager at Quadra-Fire. “When you use the wall-mounted control to make adjustments, they’ll happen immediately, and you never have to fiddle with anything on the unit.”


2.     Not a wire in sight. “Nobody wants exposed wires from the thermostat to the stove or insert and Trekker eliminates that with its wireless Bluetooth control,” Gross says. “You still can have a clean, modern room, and your Trekker stove or insert and wall-mounted control will be able to communicate with each other without a wire in sight.”


3.     Never guess again. “Trekker is the next evolution to help owners understand what’s going on with their stove or insert,” Gross says. “The control tells you what the Trekker is doing at all times, so you never have to wonder.” If it’s first thing in the day and the Trekker is calling for heat, you’ll see a ‘startup mode’ signal. Once it gets going, it will tell you it’s heating. And you’ll see the ‘shutting down’ message when it’s turning off. Should a problem arise, it will offer suggestions, such as “clean burn pot” or “add fuel.”


4.     What’s your week look like? Trekker can help. The high-tech control is easily programmable to run a different schedule every day of the week. Enter times for rising, leaving, coming home and sleeping for each day, and you’ll always wake up and come home to a warm house. Your Trekker will make sure it’s most efficient during sleep or out-of-home periods, saving you money.


5.     It’s Bluetooth! Gross has to admit it: The “cool” factor is pretty high with these new models. “People love Trekker’s clean lines, cast iron construction and energy efficiency, but they get most excited about the Bluetooth thermostat technology,” he says. “They have Bluetooth everywhere else in their lives, so they know this is a control that will work well.”


Want to learn more about Trekker and its Bluetooth thermostat technology? Find a Quadra-Fire dealer near you.

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