Vermont Castings Wood-Burning Stoves

Vermont Castings Wood-Burning Stoves — An Icon Unlike Any Other

Vermont Castings knows wood stoves. The journey began with the iconic Defiant wood stove, originally designed and built in 1975, as a response to the oil embargo that not only provided an efficient heating solution but also ignited a legacy. Today, Vermont Castings continues to lead with its line of wood stoves, offering unmatched quality, durability, and appeal.

Vermont Castings stands at the forefront of crafting exceptional wood-burning stoves, blending tradition with innovation since its inception. Built for those who appreciate the ritual of wood burning and the use of a sustainable resource, Vermont Castings wood stoves are a testament to American craftsmanship, delivering warmth, style, and a touch of heritage to your home.

Which Vermont Castings Wood-Burning Stove Is Right For Your Space

Crafted and cast at our foundry in Vermont, Vermont Castings wood-burning stoves are designed not just to heat but to add an element of style to your home, just as any carefully selected furniture piece would. With that premise in mind, our stoves are offered in several colors and sizes that combine a Federalist aesthetic with contemporary elements for a universal appeal that stays true to our heritage.

Defiant Wood Stove: Designed to “defy the wintery blast,” the Defiant is the largest Vermont Castings model crafted to provide warmth and charm to larger spaces. The pinnacle of the Vermont Castings wood stove collection, the Defiant offers powerful heating capabilities and a spacious fire viewing area, ideal for larger spaces seeking the charm and warmth of a robust wood fire.

Encore FlexBurn Wood Stove: Our best-selling Encore offers a smaller profile but retains a wealth of heating power and epitomizes the Vermont Castings style. A versatile and popular model, the Encore provides efficient heating with its innovative FlexBurn technology, allowing for flexibility in burning and a stylish addition to medium-sized rooms.

Dauntless FlexBurn Wood Stove: The new Dauntless is perfect for medium-sized spaces. The Dauntless is designed for those who seek a balance of convenience and efficiency, perfectly fitting into spaces with its adaptable burning capabilities and sleek design.

Intrepid FlexBurn Wood Stove: Compact and efficient, the Intrepid is suited for smaller areas, offering flexibility in wood burning and a design that complements any room.

Aspen C3 Wood Stove: For the coziest rooms, the “north/south” front-load Aspen offers optimal heating and even a built-in cooking surface, combining functionality with the timeless appeal of a wood stove.

All of our “east/west” stoves offer easy top loading, a swing-out ash pan and thermostatically controlled combustion. Discover your perfect stove here and visit your local Vermont Castings dealer to make your purchase and plan your installation.

Find Your Perfect Vermont Castings Wood Stove

From the spacious Defiant to the compact Aspen, there's a Vermont Castings wood stove to fit every space and preference. Embrace the enduring beauty and superior performance of a Vermont Castings wood stove and transform your living space into a haven of comfort and style.

Choosing a Vermont Castings wood stove means investing in a piece of history, renowned for its quality, craftsmanship, and environmental sustainability. Visit your local Vermont Castings dealer to discover the perfect wood stove for your home and experience the unmatched warmth and beauty that only a Vermont Castings stove can provide.

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