How can I avoid accidental operation of the remote control while I am away from home for an extended period of time?

Hearth & Home Technologies remote controls have a manual switch on the receiver that can be turned to the OFF position. This switch is manual and will break the contact with the power source, whether it is battery or 120V power. This switch is just like the main power switch that controls any electrical appliance. It is completely unnecessary to unplug or remove batteries from the receiver.

Taking the batteries out of the hand held transmitter will not guarantee against accidental activation. Remember that each remote is equipped with a safety feature, which turns the fireplace off after 9 hours of continuous usage, when operated in the “manual mode”.

Operating the fireplace for longer than a continuous 9 hours is not a safety issue, but can cause the temperature in the room of the fireplace to reach higher than normal temperatures. It is always required to maintain the necessary clearance to combustibles as prescribed in the fireplace installation instructions.