Top Load Technology

Our top load technology is second to none and perhaps the most celebrated feature of Vermont Castings stoves. Most EPA certified wood stoves manufactured today rely on a baffle system to meet stringent emissions limits. This baffle system makes a true top load design impossible. At Vermont Castings, we believe this compromise is unacceptable. 

Top loading lends itself to numerous conveniences and safety features:


  • The top load design increases load capacity by allowing you to utilize the entire fire box. Load the firebox right to the top for longer burns. 
  • Top loading is safer and cleaner, keeping ash and embers contained.
  • The smokeless design releases less smoke in your room than loading from the front.
  • Direct heat to the stovetop results in a superior cooking surface. The top load door doubles as a polished and versatile griddle, perfect for the stovetop chef.