Announcing Forge & Flame: It’s Warmer Here

Forging a new path for the future of fire. 

What Is Forge & Flame?

United by a commitment to excellence, Vermont Castings, Harman and Quadra-Fire join forces under a shared master brand, Forge & Flame. As three esteemed leaders in the hearth industry, these renowned brands not only share a passion for innovation and quality but also a collective commitment to shaping the future of fire. 

Part of the family of brands within Hearth & Home Technologies, the foremost experts in hearth solutions and proud owners of acclaimed brands like Heat & Glo and Stellar, Forge & Flame embarks on a thrilling new journey to combine the finest elements of the stove and fireplace insert industry. 

Why Forge & Flame?

Boasting a portfolio of brands with storied histories, Forge and Flame considers its shared heritage its compass to forge new paths. We look forward to continuing the leadership and innovation that has built trust among the three brands for decades as we focus our efforts on the customer experience.  

As one collective entity, Forge & Flame with our endorsed brands, seeks to streamline and simplify the customer experience. From the moment you begin your buying journey to the first “ahh” as you relax in front of the glow of the fire, Forge & Flame will be there with you. Our enhanced educational resources and enhanced shopping experience simplify your hearth decision and embody our belief that exceptional customer service is always the best product feature. 

Forge & Flame’s Heritage 

Half a century ago, communities confronted the American energy crisis, prompting homeowners to seek alternative heating methods to ensure their families' warmth. It was during this crisis that the enterprising and inventive founders of Forge & Flame were inspired to develop innovative approaches to heating homes for their loved ones. 

Founded on the principle that every household deserves a dependable heat source, Harman, Vermont Castings and Quadra-Fire emerged. These coveted brands are united by a shared belief in the importance of American craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to quality. Their mission goes beyond providing essential warmth; it extends to fostering a genuine passion for fire and nurturing a sense of community. 

Forge & Flame Brands 

As we look forward to the future of fire, we stay true to our roots as American entrepreneurs with decades of experience in the hearth industry.  


an image of a mom and baby next to a Harman P42i-TC pellet insert
In 1978, Dane Harman and his wife experienced the effects of the American energy crisis firsthand. With a family to feed and a home to heat, Dane put his welding and design skills together to craft his first wood stove. In just one year, the Harman name transformed into a thriving small business. 

For the past four decades, Harman has held multiple patents by furthering the innovation and commitment to quality established since its first creation. Built to a standard, not a price, Harman is the most trusted name in the pellet stove industry. From cutting-edge technologies to elegant designs, each Harman unit adheres to uncompromising standards. When you choose a Harman product, you know you are bringing premium heat to your home. 

Vermont Castings 

An image of a family relaxing in front of a Vermont Castings Stardance gas stove

In 1975, Duncan Syme had an idea that could help his neighbors keep their homes warm in the face of rising energy costs. Founded on the belief that the stately beauty of cast iron could be combined with the simple utility of wood heat, the iconic Defiant wood stove was born. 

Quickly becoming a household name, Vermont Castings became the pinnacle of wood stove heat and American craftsmanship. A brand so iconic that its product is now displayed in the Smithsonian's National History collection, Vermont Castings built its American legacy on quality craftsmanship. No detail is too small, no challenge too daunting. 


An image of a man and dog relaxing in front of a Quadra-Fire Millennium Wood Stove

In 1976, Dan Henry's father inspired him to construct his inaugural wood stove, igniting a passion for engineering and craftsmanship. This initial creation marked the beginning of a remarkable journey. Alan Trusler joined forces with Henry, and together they pioneered a range of innovative technologies, including the revolutionary Quadra-Burn system in 1986. Thus, Quadra-Fire was born. 

Today, Quadra-Fire stands as a formidable heating brand, renowned for its exceptional wood, pellet and gas appliances. Having earned an impressive eight industry Vesta awards, this entrepreneurial small business from Colville, Washington has evolved into a symbol of durability and efficiency. 

Forge & Flame’s Mission and Values 

A shared commitment to quality and innovation resonates across all three brands. We take pride in designing our products in the United States, upholding the highest standards of American craftsmanship to deliver durable and efficient solutions. 

At Forge & Flame, sustainability is a core value that guides our business practices. We prioritize the use of 100% recycled iron in our cast products with facilities powered completely with renewable energy, ensuring that environmental responsibility remains at the forefront of everything we do. With our range of efficient products and dedication towards minimal waste, we strive to help each household reduce their carbon footprint by offering clean-burning biomass heating appliances. By choosing Forge & Flame, you can take pride in making a positive impact on the environment while enjoying the warmth and comfort of our innovative solutions.    

To learn more about our commitment to sustainability, click here.

The Future of Fire 

We look forward to forging new paths as one. With a revitalized focus on the future of fire, Forge & Flame looks forward to bringing warmth and ambiance to homes across the globe. To learn more about adding heat to your hearth, explore our catalog of stoves and fireplace inserts, or contact your local certified Forge & Flame dealer.

Where there’s warmth, there’s Forge & Flame. 

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