Honoring Heroism: The Harman Hero Award Shines a Spotlight on Jamie Nelson

At the heart of our community lies the spirit of service embodied by our military members, first responders, healthcare and school workers. It is with immense gratitude that we present the Harman Hero award—an annual tradition since 2004—to honor their relentless commitment. In recognition of their sacrifices, we gift a Harman pellet stove or insert each year, delivering both warmth and appreciation.  

As a gesture of continued warmth, the recipient receives a complimentary pallet of pellets, professional installation and venting, ensuring a cozy atmosphere throughout the winter. This award, presented to a deserving individual every winter, is a genuine token of gratitude for the lasting impact these heroes have on our community.  

Heating for a Hero 

“Jamie is a hero, not only because of what she has done in the past, but what she continues to do every day.” 

It is a great honor to award Minnesota native, Jamie Nelson, with the warmth and dependability of a Harman Absolute63 pellet stove. From a selfless journey in the military to a career and volunteer work centered around supporting her local community, Jamie embodies what it means to be a true hero. 

Military Career 

Jamie Nelson deployment in Iraq

Jamie had always known she wanted to join the military. With dreams of being a pilot, she attained her private pilot’s license and enlisted into the Minnesota National Guard at the young age of 17 in 2004. In less than a year of basic training, she was then deployed to Iraq as a Blackhawk helicopter mechanic at one of the largest bases in Iraq at the time, where she met her husband, Mike.  

Unfortunately, Jamie’s career in the National Guard was cut short when she was injured on duty—breaking every bone in her foot, as well as her ankle and leg. Undergoing multiple surgeries across the United States and Germany, Jamie made a close to total recovery; however, was unable to continue serving physically for the National Guard. Before medically retiring at 21, Jamie continued her work in the military by recruiting soldiers, one of whom is her younger sister, who continues to serve today.  

When asked about how the National Guard has impacted her life, Jamie states, “There’s nothing I am incapable of figuring out.” By tackling her challenges at a young age, Jamie showed impressive resilience and dedication to her country, even after her injury. 

Jamie exemplifies the true spirit of heroism through her military service, resilience in the face of adversity and an ongoing dedication to serving her community. Her story stands as a testament to the everlasting impact one person can make through unwavering commitment, selflessness and a determined spirit. 

VA Career & Volunteer Work 

Driven by a profound passion for service members and a steadfast commitment to her country, Jamie has channeled her fervor into a meaningful career at the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, where she continues her career serving other Minnesota veterans. Leveraging her diverse skill set, Jamie has served veterans across various capacities, including debt management and claims processing. 

Outside of her career, Jamie also donates her time towards numerous different causes, with a particular strong affinity for those who served in the Vietnam War. Moreover, Jamie is the volunteer director of the Moose Lake Triathlon. As director, Jamie looks forward to creating prizes such as wooden medallions for winners, combining Minnesotan motifs with sustainable materials. 

Life with a Harman Absolute63 Pellet Stove 

a photo of Mike looking at the flames of the Harman Absolute63 pellet stove

In her newly installed pole barn, Jamie eagerly anticipates enjoying year-round warmth for her and her husband's hobbies, thanks to her Harman pellet stove. Efficiency and ease of use are paramount for Jamie, aligning with her commitment to finding sustainable solutions to reduce costs and her carbon footprint. Living in a remote area of northern Minnesota has amplified her dedication to a sustainable lifestyle. 

Jamie's familiarity with heating stoves is not new. When purchasing their home, she and Mike specifically sought a biomass heating stove to efficiently warm their living spaces. With wood heat as the primary source, Jamie is thrilled to continue using biomass, highlighting the convenience of wood pellets, notably with Harman's signature EASY Touch Control and wireless room sensor. These features make heating her hobbies, including gardening and woodworking, a seamless and enjoyable experience, reinforcing Jamie's commitment to sustainable living in the heart of Minnesota's wilderness. 

Jamie Nelson's story serves as a testament to the lasting impact one person can make through unwavering commitment, selflessness and a determined spirit. Her legacy continues to warm hearts and homes, exemplifying the true essence of a hero. 

A Special Thanks


Image of a Harman Absolute63 hopper full of Lignetics wood pellets

From all of us at Harman, we would like to extend a thank you to our partners who made this project possible: 

  • The Fireplace Corner for donating their time and expertise by installing the stove and venting in Jamie and Mike’s pole barn. 
  • DuraVent for donating the pellet venting components.
  • Lignetics for fueling their fire with one ton of wood pellets.   

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