Introducing Harman's P42i-TC Pellet Insert

Say hello to the newest addition to Harman’s coveted line of pellet products.

After over 30 years as your trusted name in pellet products, Harman is happy to announce our newest addition to our line of pellet products: the P42i-TC pellet insert. This insert includes the Harman features you know and love, plus cutting-edge efficiencies that bridge beauty and functionality.

In this blog, we will discuss the exciting features of the P42i-TC, the benefits of adding one to your home, plus how to find one near you!

P42i-TC Pellet Insert Features

The P42i-TC pellet insert is the solution to your inefficient, drafty traditional wood fireplace. In less than a day of installation, you’ll enjoy heat at the center of your hearth. Complete with Harman’s fan-favorite technologies, you’ll transform your space into a cozy getaway. Add the P42i-TC to your home and enjoy:

PelletPro Technology

This patented system makes it possible to burn any grade of pellet fuel with maximum heat and efficiency. A bottom-up feed system burns each pellet completely, creating very little ash, greatly minimizing maintenance.

ESP Temperature Control

The P42i-TC utilizes an exhaust sensing probe system (ESP) to deliver precise heating control. ESP constantly monitors exhaust temperatures and communicates to the control to keep set room temperatures within one degree.

EASY Touch Control

Harman’s easy-to-use, industry leading touch control provides on-screen operation and gives access to optional menus such as scheduling, diagnostics, cleaning prompts and fuel gauges that give you complete control of your stove.

Wireless Room Sensor

Complementing the EASY Touch Control system, this wireless functionality keeps your space within one degree of your set temperature. Enjoy the warmth of pellet heat exactly how you want it with minimal effort.

Benefits of Adding a P42i-TC Pellet Insert to Your Home

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From the most advanced, accurate temperature control in the industry to low and easy maintenance, these meaningful features bring more than ease, they bring peace of mind.

Cost Savings

One of the top reasons homeowners opt for pellet stoves is to save money on their heating expenses, especially if their home is currently heated by heating oil, gas or electricity. Since pellet fuel is comprised of renewable resources and is created here in North America, wood pellets do not experience the same volatility in price as other non-renewable fuel types.


The P42i-TC pellet insert is designed to extract the most heat from your pellets, achieving 79% HHV efficiency. High Heating Value (HHV), is the current measurement used to validate products that qualify for special Federal tax credits. Pellet inserts over 75% HHV efficiency are eligible for the federal biomass tax credit.

During the period beginning January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2032, taxpayers who install qualifying wood and pellet stoves will receive a 30% tax credit up to $2,000 annually, based on the full cost (purchase and installation) of the unit.


Pellet fuel is a full lifecycle of sustainable practices. Comprised of manufacturing wood byproducts that otherwise would end up in a landfill, pellets convert waste into a clean burning fuel.

Since pellet stoves release net 0% carbon into the atmosphere, pellet stoves are already saving over 4.5 million tons of carbon emissions. Each installation of a pellet or wood appliance in a single-family home in a cool climate can displace about nine tons of carbon emissions annually. Saving waste and saving our atmosphere? Count us in.


Built to last for decades of warmth, the Harman P42i-TC is an investment that is grounded in longevity. Harman products are built with an uncompromising dedication to quality so you can have peace of mind that you will always have heat when you need it.

Engineering Excellence

We are continuously evolving our product to deliver both ease of use and efficiency. P42i-TC is designed with our slide-out track system and a large hopper and monitoring fuel levels, refilling, maintenance and cleaning are all a breeze.

Is a P42i-TC Pellet Insert Right For Your Home?

Are you ready to bring a warm, welcoming glow to your home? Whether you are replacing an old insert or replacing your traditional fireplace with an insert, we have an option for you. This unit comes in two firebox sizes, 20 inches and 24 inches, to accommodate any fireplace opening. When completed with a surround, your newly installed pellet insert will close off your current fireplace opening to keep the heat you pay for in your living space.

With 41,800 BTUs, the P42i-TC is the perfect size for heating 800 to 2,400 square feet and can serve as your primary or supplemental heat source, depending on your home’s size, layout and insulation.

P42i-TC Pellet Insert Pricing and Availability

The P42i-TC is ready to transform your space into the perfect backdrop for all your favorite memories. You can find this unit, plus our entire line of pellet products at a local certified Harman dealer near you. To find a dealer in your area, visit our dealer locator. 

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