Introducing the Discovery Series Steel Wood Stoves

The stove that delivers both beauty and brawn.


Discovery Series Steel Wood Stoves Launched

For more than 30 years, Quadra-Fire has been hard at work making the best wood stoves to warm our homes, cabins and cottages. From pioneering stove technology with the patented four point Quad-Burn system, to simplifying the wood burning experience with Automatic Combustion Control, Quadra-Fire has made heating with wood easier and more convenient than ever. It’s also making it more attractive with new stoves designs that are customizable to complement any home’s décor.

The new Quadra-Fire Discovery Series steel wood stoves are both functional and beautiful. First and foremost, they are outfitted with proven Quadra-Fire technologies (Quad-Burn system and ACC), making it convenient to heat your home for many hours one load of wood. Suitable for any space, the stove is available in three sizes – the Discovery I, Discovery II, and Discovery III – which will heat 800-1,000, 1,000-2,600, and 1,100-3,000 square feet, respectively.

Each Discovery stove has a built-in wood storage area under the firebox. In most cases, it can hold up to a day’s worth of wood, making it easy to add wood to the fire, while reducing trips to the wood pile. You can also customize the stove’s design by installing 12x12 ceramic tiles of your choice in three areas on the side of the stove. The other side of the stove has a side panel that can be painted with high temperature paint to accent your home’s décor. This stove design is flexible and timeless. If you decide your home needs a new look, the tiles and paint can be changed too!

The Discovery wood stove looks quite unlike other wood stoves, so it often becomes a conversation piece. Like all Quadra-fire products, it is a high quality wood stove that will perform year after year. More information about the Discovery Series wood stoves is available here.

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