Why Switch to a Harman?

Here at Harman, we’re proud of the products we put into the marketplace every year—for so many reasons.

But it’s extra heartwarming to hear from the people who buy our product and bring it into their homes. Recently we asked fans on Facebook: Why Harman? If you’re considering a Harman pellet stove for your home, here are some of their reasons why they’re a must-have.

Easy to Use & Easy to Maintain

"Love, love, love our pellet stove! The best thing is no more loading the stove every few hours with logs of wood. It was a lot of work stacking cords of wood. Now we just order a ton of pellets and dump a bag a day. So much less work. Oh, and love the climate control, too."
—Robin McDuff

"We switched many years ago from a Harman coal stove to a pellet stove and love it. First, no more cutting trees and hauling wood, no more smoke, and no more rice coal smell. Love the pellet stove. Bought one for our son and he loves his, too. It’s the only way to go. Visited the Harman store to pick up a part many years ago and they couldn’t have been any nicer."
—Alice Kline Hocker

"We no longer wanted to burn wood. Having to go to the beach to look for wood, get it to the truck, get it home and out of the truck, then cut and chop and stack it—it was getting to be too much. It is much nicer to go to the store, buy a ton of pellets—and hey, they deliver for free!"
—Kevin and Leann Erickson

Solid Construction

"Had a Napoleon 45, and it was subpar junk. I bought the Harman to replace the Napoleon, which was not even a year old, and no one wanted to fix it even though it was under warranty. I went and got a P43 and never had an issue. I would never buy another brand. It eats any pellet and makes awesome heat. Hands down best design, best built, proud to say it’s made in America here in Pennsylvania."
—Gregory Harley

"Love my Harman. My old St. Croix lost the control panel. Replaced it with the Harman—best buy I have made. I love that all I have to do is add pellets. The on/off feature works without me having to do anything."
—Bill Braid

It’s a Good Investment

"I had a Pel Pro. I switched to the Harman. Best money I’ve ever spent."
—Ron Turner

It’s Safe

"We purchased a Harman because we got tired of cleaning the ash that got all over our basement from burning wood. Also after a chimney fire a few years back we were nervous about another fire. We will essentially eliminate the dust and chance of a chimney fire—awesome! Also, we live in Pennsylvania and like to support businesses in our area."
—Zachary E. Boyer

It’s Efficient

"I ditched my Jotul wood stove and got a Harman. Never been warmer. The furnace came on once last winter! I absolutely love the ease of loading it. No more mess, no more bugs."
—Jill Kirsch

"I made the switch to the P43. It makes me feel warm and reduces my carbon footprint."
—Ron Arndt

"I put a P68 in the basement last year in my 2,400 square-foot home. It heats the house on a mere idle. It’s easy, efficient and a real hot buy."
—Dan Devle

The Pros Know

"I am a certified pellet stove specialist. I work on every major brand out there. Harman is what I use at my house. By far superior to all others."
—Keith Marnell

In short, we know our products are great, from construction to technology to maintenance, but you don’t have to take it from us! Take it from them. Ready to learn more? Connect with an authorized Harman dealer today.

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