Quadra-Fire Wood-Burning Fireplace Inserts

Quadra-Fire Wood-Burning Fireplace Inserts — More Heat with Less Fuel

Quadra-Fire wood fireplace inserts can transform your wood-burning fireplace into a powerful, highly efficient and clean-burning heat source, even during power outages. You’ll get more heat from less wood with the Four-Point Burn System and Automatic Combustion Control technology, while sprucing up your space with the traditional beauty of rugged steel. Durable construction and simple operation deliver warmth and comfort year after year and, let’s face it, nothing beats the authentic aroma and sound of a real wood-burning fire. Never worry about a drafty, inefficient fireplace again with a Quadra-Fire wood-burning fireplace insert.

Selecting the Perfect Quadra-Fire Wood-Burning Fireplace Insert

Quadra-Fire Expedition I and II steel wood-burning fireplace inserts are an ideal way to make the most of your existing fireplace, while still using a sustainable fuel source. Built to last for years with durable steel and differing only in size, these inserts provide an efficient, attractive way to transform your drafty, dated fireplace into a favorite, functional focal point. The Expedition I heats up to 1,300 square feet and is suitable for smaller fireplaces, while the Expedition II can take on larger areas (up to 2,400 square feet) and bigger fireplace openings.

All Quadra-Fire products are known for their simple, dependable operation, so you won’t spend time tending to your fire or cleaning your fireplace. Just load, light, sit back and enjoy the view.

Review the Expedition I and II here, then visit your expert Quadra-Fire dealer to see the products in person and have any questions answered.

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