Exclusive Quadra-Fire Technologies That Make Your Life Easier

No one likes to fiddle with their fire to get it burning right. That’s why Quadra-Fire’s engineering team develops technologies that make operating your stove or fireplace as fuss-free as possible. 

Whether you’re heating with cord wood, wood pellets or a gas, these exclusive--and in a couple cases, patented--controls provide the powerful performance you expect from Quadra-Fire, while easing up on the effort required from you.

Automatic Combustion Control 


Available for Quadra-Fire's line of wood stoves and wood fireplace inserts, This functionality allows you to truly "set it and forget it." 

One of the biggest misconceptions about heating your home with a wood stove is that it needs constant tending to keep the temperature steady. And the reality is, it can be a chore to get the fire going just right and then to maintain the proper draft! That’s why our engineers developed Automatic Combustion Control (ACC), available exclusively on Quadra-Fire wood stoves and wood inserts.

Here’s how ACC works. To begin, load your firebox and start a fire (and if you’re unsure how to do that, check out our blog post How to Start a Fire in a Wood Stove. Then, engage the ACC control to activate. This will give your fire a boost of air to get it roaring hot, tapering back over 20 minutes.  

As the day progresses, ACC will continue to nurture your fire with air as needed to keep it going, leaving you free to take on your day without worrying if your stove will go cold. You can savor that first cup of coffee without having to tend your fire. During the day, any time you add more wood, just activate the ACC. This will allow you to walk away from your fire and enjoy your day.   

ACC is equally helpful at night. Again, starting with a full firebox and fire, turn down the ACC for a controlled, slow burn that will go all night (really!). No more waking up to a cold house! In the morning, stir the remains of your overnight burn, load the stove with logs and turn up the ACC lever to get it going full bore again.  

To learn more about how ACC works, check out the informative video below.  

Bluetooth Thermostat Technology

Quadra-Fire’s Trekker series of pellet stoves and inserts amassed a die-hard fanbase, thanks to its clean lines, cast iron construction and energy efficiency. But its innovative Bluetooth thermostat technology has been what fans rave about most.

This wireless, high-tech control can be affixed to your wall and is easily programmable to run a different schedule every day of the week. Enter times for rising, leaving, coming home and sleeping for each day, and you’ll always wake up and come home to a warm house. And your Trekker will make sure it’s running most efficiently during sleep or out-of-home periods, saving you money!  

To make operating your pellet stove or insert even easier, the Bluetooth thermostat provides reminders on when it’s time to clean the burn pot or add fuel. 



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