How Pellet Stoves Are Redefining Sustainable Home Heating

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Many homeowners are choosing pellet heating as a sustainable and affordable alternative to traditional home heating methods. Sarah Harmsen of SUGAR MAPLE notes is no different. When looking for a heating solution that was both sustainable and cost-friendly, she was eager to capitalize on the numerous benefits of heating with wood pellets, all while having a dependable heating solution for her family of five.  

Sarah lives in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin and is well-acquainted with the harshness of winter. Faced with sub-zero temperatures and regular snowfall, she has found that a reliable heating system is crucial. She wanted a heating solution that would warm her space efficiently and create a cozy atmosphere for gatherings with her family.  

This article will delve into the numerous advantages of adding a sustainable, cost-efficient Harman Absolute43 pellet stove to a home, plus accounts from a real Harman stove owner.  

What is a Pellet Stove?

Image of a Harman Absolute43 pellet stove in a living stove

A pellet stove, also known as a pellet heater or freestanding pellet fireplace, is a home heating appliance that uses wood pellets as fuel. As the pellets are made from biomass fuel, these stoves offer a sustainable heating solution.  

Pellet stove owners appreciate the affordability and predictable heating costs that heating with pellets provide. The volatile sway of oil, propane and electric prices have many consumers concerned about sudden price hikes of these fuels. Wood pellets are a steady, predictable and provide serious warmth. They promote sustainable living, efficiency, and are easy to use.  

To use, stove owners fill in the hopper of the stove with pellets. Then, pellets feed into the firebox automatically, making it easy to heat your home without hassle.  

Benefits of Owning a Pellet Stove

We chose a Harman pellet stove to heat our newly finished basement for its cost savings, sustainability, efficiency, quality and overall aesthetic. We knew that if we were going to invest in creating a usable and beautiful lower level in our home that the space needed to be comfortable (while still looking good with the design!) - Sarah Harmsen  


The world is shifting towards sustainable options. Homeowners, such as Sarah Harmsen, can now choose environmentally friendly heating. They don't have to compromise on reliability, functionality, or aesthetics in their living spaces. With a Harman Absolute43, you truly can have it all. 

Biomass fuel, such as wood pellets, displaces wood manufacturing byproducts that manufacturers would otherwise discard into landfills. Forge & Flame's pellet stoves and inserts are highly efficient at extracting heat from fuel, making them a smart choice for heating. The result: minimized waste, reduced heating costs and lowered fuel usage.  

Forge & Flame products take sustainable practices a step further. Because our stoves are comprised of 100% recycled cast iron, Forge & Flame has recycled and reused tens of millions of pounds of discarded brake drums and unused stove parts to craft durable yet sustainably forged products.  

It pays to live sustainably. From reducing heating costs to minimizing waste, investing in a wood pellet heater is a win-win for homeowners and the planet. 

High Efficiency

Pellet stoves stand out for their remarkable heating efficiency. Under stringent EPA regulations, these stoves are built to extract the most warmth from the fuel, minimizing heating costs, fuel consumption and emissions.  

According to the EPA, pellet stoves have extremely low particulate emissions due to their high burn efficiency and fuel density. In fact, the Harman Absolute43 achieves rates as low as 0.99 grams per hour. To put this into perspective, our pellet stoves are so efficient that the government incentivizes those looking to add a pellet stove to their home with a federal tax credit. 

For families like Sarah’s, homeowners can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they are doing their part to minimize their heating emissions and keep their home and air safe for all who visit.  

Cost Savings

In cold climates like Sarah's, homeowners often face high heating bills when the temperature drops below freezing. If you are a Midwesterner, those days are close to half of the year. That’s why its evermore important that homeowners reevaluate their heating bill and consider switching to a heating alternative that bridges dependable warmth with yearly cost savings.  

With a pellet stove or pellet fireplace insert, homeowners enjoy:  

  • Saving money by buying in bulk  
  • Capitalizing on the Federal Biomass Tax Credit  
  • Using less fuel with high-efficiency units  
  • Stable fuel costs  

Ease of Use

With Harman by Forge & Flame, heating your home is easy. As Sarah describes in her blog, “It’s incredibly convenient for busy moms like me. Let’s be honest, we don’t need another thing to have to nurture and care for in our homes. We just need some things to be EASY!”  

Sarah, like many others, values convenience in our busy world. Harman Absolute43 was designed with busy homeowners in mind. Whether it’s the ease of cleaning the burn pot while in operation, filling pellets less frequently with a larger hopper or enjoying the smart technology that the EASY touch control offers, every component of the Harman Absolute43 is crafted for the best home heating experience.  

Warmth & Ambiance

When considering function and beauty, you shouldn't have to choose one or the other. The Harman Absolute43 is a durable cast iron stove that provides warmth and a touch of luxury to your space.  

With a large viewing area and flame-reactive mirrored glass, Harman pellet stoves serve as a beautiful centerpiece, even when the flames cease. What’s more, thanks to the Whisper Mode, family movie nights (which are some of the Harmsen’s favorites!) are uninterrupted, with only the glow of the movie and the flames to frame their precious family time.  

Do Pellet Stoves Save Money?

The short answer: yes! As Sarah and many other pellet stove owners can attest, pellet stoves pay for themselves (and then some!) in just a few years. Keep in mind, due to their durability and Harman’s commitment to quality, Harman pellet stoves have the reputation of longevity, some lasting two decades or more with proper care and maintenance.  

Federal Biomass Tax Credit  

With the Federal Biomass Tax Credit, taxpayers who install qualifying wood or pellet stoves can receive a 30% tax credit up to $2,000 annually, based on the full cost (purchase and installation) of the unit. Many states also offer change-out and incentive programs, motivating homeowners to opt for sustainable heating alternatives.  

Affordable Fuel

Because of its cost-stable nature, pellet fuel is often less expensive than other traditional heating methods. Home heating oil prices, in particular, are notoriously expensive, making it all the more enticing to elect affordable energy.  

To compare cost savings between different heating fuel types, use PFI’s savings calculator 

Is Pellet Fuel Sustainable?

Image of hands holding wood pellets

Pellet fuel stands out as a remarkably sustainable option for heating, primarily because it generates very low particulate emissions. Because wood pellets are made from sawdust and byproducts from wood manufacturing processes that would otherwise go to waste, heating with them minimizes logging scraps.  

When burned for heat, the environmental benefits are significant; for instance, switching from oil to pellet fuel can decrease carbon emissions by nearly 1.5 tons for every ton of pellets burned, as highlighted by the Pellet Fuels Institute. Thus, the lifecycle of a wood pellet from creation to use is centered around sustainable practices.  

Moreover, premium pellet fuel manufacturers, such as Lignetics wood pellets, are known for their consistent high BTU output and minimal ash production (less than 1%), facilitating a hotter and more efficient burn. This efficiency reduces fuel usage, costs, storage needs, trips to the hopper and cleanup efforts. Consequently, pellet fuel emerges not only as a sustainable choice but also as an economical and efficient one, underscoring its viability as a preferred heating solution.  

Harman by Forge & Flame: Key Technologies

For nearly half a century, Harman has been the pinnacle of industry-leading technologies. Harman focuses on quality and innovation, with patented technologies designed with homeowners and the planet in mind. As Sarah Harmsen highlights in her blog, “Harman has truly thought of everything!”  

  • Exhaust Sensing Probe (ESP): Delivers precise heating control. ESP constantly monitors and adjusts heat output to maintain set room temperature within one degree. 
  • PelletPro System: Makes it possible to burn any grade of pellet fuel with maximum heat and efficiency. Burning each pellet completely, PelletPro allows for 24-hour heating and constantly maintains the fire within one degree of set temperatures—helping achieve industry-leading performance and efficiency.  
  • EASY Touch Control: Allows you to schedule temperatures for burning pellets according to your daily routine. The unit responds by giving you the amount of heat you want, when you want it. It saves money and ensures your home is warm when you need it most, like when you wake up in the morning, or arrive home in the evening.  
  • Wireless Room Sensor: The Wireless Room Sensor was exclusively designed to communicate with the EASY Touch Controls on Harman pellet products. The Wireless Room Sensor is so accurate, it keeps your space within one degree of your set temperature.  

Watch Forge & Flame on Designing Spaces

A promotional image of Sarah Harmsen filming for the Forge & Flame feature on Designing Spaces

Choosing sustainable living in our homes is more than just a trend. It shows our dedication to creating a better, more conscientious future.  

Forge & Flame's segment on Designing Spaces is a helpful guide for those looking to incorporate sustainable practices. This episode looks at sustainable home heating, focusing on homeowner Sarah Harmsen's experience with her Harman Absolute43 stove. Her experience illuminates the benefits of adopting alternative heating solutions, making this episode a must-watch for anyone interested in making their home more environmentally friendly.  

Don't miss this insightful episode of Designing Spaces, airing on Lifetime on April 17, 2024. Be sure to check your local listings for specific show times and join us in shaping a more sustainable tomorrow. 

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